With the many changes we’ve made in our behaviour over the past year due to COVID-19, we have been forced to adapt our beauty regimes and do our best to look our best from home. Thankfully Silk’n, the leader of at-home devices has developed technology that allows us to achieve salon results at home.

The Lockdown Boom:

Over the last two years digital has erupted. It is estimated that beauty and hair salons lost approximately £124 million income per week in lockdown*. Although this has had a detrimental effect on beauty salons across the UK, this has opened opportunities for at-home technologies.

Silk’n devices:

The broad product ranges from Silk’n meant that their customers didn’t have to go without or compromise on results. For an insight into the range, Silk’n products include a FaceTite, a facial device that tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet, and restores collagen and elastin fibres. These at home devices leave you with lifted, younger looking and radiant skin. Infinity, a painless IPL laser hair removal device which uses light to remove hair and results in up to 92.3%** hair reduction after six treatments and the Silk’n ToothWave which provides professional dental cleaning from the comfort of your own home, something which was crucial whilst we couldn’t get to our dentist and or hygienist. The ToothWave is the first and only toothbrush with clinically proven, patented DentalRF™ technology. DentalRF™ technology removes plaque, as well as reducing tartar that has already formed of your teeth. Research has found that an electric toothbrush without DentalRF™ technology is unable to do that.

What’s Next:

So, what’s next? How can at-home devices compete with salons as they start to reopen? Of course, everyone loves a pamper in a professional salon, however, the option of having these treatments from home has become much more appealing over the past year.

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