Building Brand Connection

A connection may only be a click away, but let’s not kid ourselves, developing a relationship is a lot more daunting. We have become utterly consumed with new arrivals in digital and automation, so much so that many brands have forgotten to provide meaningful touchpoints with their customers. With a lockdown on physical interaction, it’s easy to see why many feel a huge disconnect, as the use of virtual platforms skyrockets. Now more than ever there is a feeling of dread when sharing opinions online; powered by the speed of social media, differences can quickly cascade into the unleashing of the ‘keyboard warrior’.

We’re completely lost without meaningful interaction, that’s why our teams are busy activating meaningful touchpoints for all our brands, helping them deliver multi-tier campaigns that cut through the noise. We are ready to get emotional, are you? If you need help building real relationships with your customers then get in touch.

Cutting Through The Noise: 

How heavily do you depend on algorithms? From “manipulated grades” to formulating Government decisions (…according to The Daily Mail), it seems that society, as we know it, is almost entirely dependent on them. Businesses also appear to be heavily reliant, over-using behavioural tools in attempts to offer a more personalised experience, where consumers end up bombarded with clutter that fills their electronic inboxes day in day out.

So how can you cut through the noise? 

  • Master Storytelling: it’s important to create content that creatively and effectively portrays your brand’s personality in a really unique and engaging way.
  • Creating value: features are important but discussing consumer benefits and creating value should take priority. 
  • Get creative and make it visual. The old adage ‘we buy with our eyes’ has never been truer.

Think Emotional:

What do the world’s most powerful brands, including the golden arches, the OG of social networking hubs, and the red and white can of carbonated bubbles, have in common? They have built brands based on the emotional connection that they have with their customers. We have heard about emotional intelligence when it comes to love and relationships, but the same rules apply to businesses and brands.

We have always been emotional beings, and believe it or not  emotions play a crucial role in the hundreds of decisions each of us makes on a daily basis. So, when brands manage to tap into the emotions that drive a buyers’ decision, they will see a huge increase in engagement , interest and ultimately, sales.

Actively Engage:

No one likes being spoken back to, well, not always. Your feed may be filled with engaging content, but content doesn’t talk back, so having a multi-dimensional voice online is essential. Consumers are always on the hunt for immediate answers and this can cause a PR nightmare for many brands. Therefore, being there to answer all your audience’s questions and feedback is essential.

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