Brandnation has been busy celebrating female success, International Women’s Day, and the launch of The Hair Boss Conditioning Lotion. To pay homage, Brandnation’s Beauty PR team hosted a Care & Confidence virtual event. Bringing everyone together with an industry leader and Founder, Lisa Shepherd. In addition to a Life Coach to share their industry knowledge and tips and tricks for care and confidence.


Ahead of the virtual event, we gifted attendees a hair health themed care package. The gift contained the brand new Conditioning Lotion, a graze box, and the four step Hair Boss prescription.

We teamed up with a Life Coach who shared tips and tricks on how we can all love ourselves. The Life Coach taught us how we can master confidence and success whilst keeping the brand ethos. In addition, we kept Lisa Shepherd, the only female hairdresser with products on the shelf in Superdrug, front of mind.

Lisa Shepherd then discussed her own journey and experiences that led her to creating The Hair Boss. Inspiring the guests at the event to have confidence in what they wish to achieve. Lisa introduced the new Hair Boss Conditioning Lotion, explaining why this is a game-changer when it comes to hair care and how to incorporate the conditioner into the revolutionary Hair Boss four step routine.

Key takeaways from the event included how to believe in oneself, overcome feelings of failure and strive for success, as well as the all-important launch of The Hair Boss Conditioning Lotion. Lisa’s expertise was shared, and bespoke advice was given to each attendee for tips and tricks tailored to their hair types and concerns.

The Brandnation Beauty PR team encouraged this engaging Q&A session with Lisa by discussing general hair themes and top concerns. Topics included how to soothe stress scalps, why our much-loved shampoos and conditioners suddenly appear to stop working, as well as concerns over overgrown colour accompanied with greasy routes and how with Lisa’s advice, we can help combat these hair issues until salons reopen!


As well as exceeding KPI, we generated attention-grabbing headlines such as the Daily Express, “Why has my shampoo stopped working? Does hair get used to a shampoo or conditioner?”

The hair-hitting event made a real impact with journalists from titles including Metro, Evening Standard, Fabulous, Stylist, Daily Mirror, Reinfery29, Glamour, Who What Wear, Best and Woman’s Own.

Our virtual Care & Confidence event gave solutions to our everyday hair dilemmas so that we can love our hair like we love ourselves – who said that you can’t have #hairgoals and #lifegoals during a pandemic!

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