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Football Index Backs Brandnation

Building on our recent wins within the sporting world, we have been appointed by football betting brand, Football Index, to handle its UK PR Brief.

Our mission – help Football Index raise awareness and position the platform as a responsible and sustainable alternative to regular betting.

At its core, Football Index is a revolutionary gambling platform – the world’s first football stock market. It allows traders to buy and sell shares in over 3,000 professional footballers with real money.

The platform operates with all the characteristics of a stock market, with traders buying units of footballers, building their football portfolios and trying to sell at a profit.

So why is this form of gambling a more sustainable and responsible alternative? Unlike regular betting platforms, Football Index offers fans the chance to bet on the future success of football players, rather than gambling on the short-lived outcome of football matches.

To help amplify this unique gambling alternative, we have devised a strategy to meet the clients objectives by providing services including media relations, ambassador activation and events.

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