Influencer Trends for 2022

Many predicted the influencer bubble would have burst by now, however, the market for collaborations keeps on growing exponentially, especially over the past two years. In this blog we wanted to give you a heads up on the latest influencer trends for the year.

The pandemic has served to underline just how important a role content creators can play in brand awareness when other mainstream comms channels are shut or out of reach. Marketing influencer content provides brands with an ‘always on’ channel to go direct to those consumers that matter most regardless of place and time.  

Influencers have proven themselves as a truly effective niche marketing tactic that can generate high levels of traffic, consumer engagement, hype, and above all ROI for budgets much lower than those compared to traditional mass channels which can so often be expensive and too broad in terms of targeting. 

In addition, tracking influencer activity has gotten easier and more effective over the past few years, whereas many other marketing channels have lost their ability to efficiently track ROI as well as they did before, due to privacy and system updates like the IOS data tracking roll-out. 

The ability to effectively report on activity is now greater than ever before, so whether you’re looking to grow your audience, generate traffic to a particular product or offer, or convert brand fans into loyal customers, there are multiple ways of reaching your audience at every step of the funnel through a strategic and ongoing influencer programme.  

The growth in demand has meant a significant increase in influencer rates, which comes as no surprise as they are now marketing channels of their own rather than simply an add-on. However, when looking at the bigger picture in terms of content creation, engagement, link traffic and usage rights, this channel can still offer real value for money compared to other outlets. Add in the highly engaged audiences which can be targeted to perfectly match your brand, and the potential for awareness and ultimately sales is huge. 

High profile individuals provide brands with a way to engage with those who may otherwise be reached, but not engaged. After all, the aim is not to get people to see your ad, but to develop a feeling towards your product and your brand in general as one they want to be associated and engage with, and people they relate to are your best way in. That is why we are confident that the influencer marketing bubble won’t burst, but rather will keep on growing and evolving to offer forward-thinking brands further opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

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