LELO dive into unknown pleasure with their latest launch, the LELO Enigma. Eager to please and never a tease, the double arousal and Sensonic Technology offer a deeper sensation. Therefore, aimed at the experienced sex toy user eager to explore new depths of pleasure. Our brief, to provide an open, sex-positive setting that will help lead to better understandings of our bodies. In addition to breaking down taboo topics, removing stigmas, and waving goodbye to kink-shaming. Talking about it is the first step to removing any stigma. Kink is a topic that is construed differently by all. An intimate virtual event, which could truly explore these avenues, seemed like the perfect option!


To get everyone together during the lockdown period, a time where self-exploration is one of the only pastimes and sex positivity is (finally) being celebrated. We organised a virtual event that celebrated this movement from less vanilla to a little more curious. Attendee’s received prosecco to enjoy on the evening and gorgeous lingerie, plus a kinky card game, for their own pleasure, after learning about the world of kink. To add further suspense to the evening, the Enigma device and LELO goodies were locked away with the code being revealed on the night.

To create an open environment, in which everyone would feel comfortable. The event discussed everything from kink to sex toys. We teamed up with The Sex Clinic Resident and Kink Coach, Jess Wilde. Jess kickstarted the conversation, breaking down taboo topics and talking about the ins and outs around kink, fetishes, BDSM, sex positions, restraint and sensory play. To ensure that the event was interactive, whilst incorporating LELO’s ethos of removing stigmas through education, we took part in a sensory exploration activity. This set the tone in terms of exploring new ideas and sensations.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, our LELO Sex & Relationship expert, Kate, introduced tips and tricks to help us all transform our sex and pleasure lives. LELO’s brand expert, Cameron, shared how this device takes the self-pleasure game to a whole new level!

The conversation flowed between Kate, Cameron, and our attendees. Topics were discussed, such as the orgasm gap, body confidence, activities to try, and the difference between an orgasm and a blended orgasm.

The Brandnation team encouraged an engaging Q&A to end the session in which the influencers could ask their own personal questions and receive 1:1 advice from the three experts. After much suspense, the wait was finally over, and the code was revealed for influencers to release their LELO Enigma.


As a result, the agency exceeded KPIs with Instagram flowing with social content on the night. All of our attendees most importantly learned something from the evening. One influencer commented, “as someone who is highly kinky, I didn’t think I would learn anything new. BUT honestly that cold spoon trick was absolutely amazing!”.

LELOamIfreaky #WellWithLELO

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