Meta: The Future of Facebook

Welcome to the ‘Metaverse’. Connection is truly evolving and within the ‘Metaverse’ anything is possible. Escape reality and enter a new world of virtual with Meta, previously known as Facebook, leading the way.  

The juggernaut that is Meta is at the forefront of innovation, digital and social connectivity. This 3D landscape (which will be open to everyone) will let you learn and play in a new way.  

The vision is already becoming reality. Facebook has already partnered with sunglass brand Ray-Ban, creating the first-generation smart glasses. These new smart glasses enable consumers to take and share photos, recording and capturing the world as they see it. You can also watch videos, listen to music, and even take phone calls with this new technology, supporting the brand’s vision of staying truly connected. 

What are the opportunities for your brand? 

In recent years we have seen immense technological advancements in virtual reality. Creating new, imaginative opportunities for brands to interact with their consumers. We have also seen an increase in the number of consumers willing to pay for more virtual and in-app experiences. As a result, the industry is growing rapidly. The global VR market is projected to increase from $5billion to more than $12billion by 2024, meaning that the opportunity for brands is immense and has untapped potential. 

From virtual and in-game fashion and accessories to virtual pets and in-store purchases, consumers are willing to pay to consumers both in the virtual world as they do in the real world. as they do in the virtual. The opportunities for both advertisers and marketers are huge, with training and certification resources at the ready.  

What does this mean for user data? 

Privacy and data consumption have been a ‘hot’ topic in the last two years, with the IOS 14.5 update this year causing major changes in the way apps can share and use data, as well as disruptions in how brands advertise across Facebook. Meta says it is looking into how it can minimize “the amount of data that’s used, build technology to enable privacy-protective data uses, and give people transparency and control over their data.” Meta has confirmed that they will be investing in privacy-enhancing technologies, giving people more control over their data. 

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