To welcome spring, Brandnation’s Health & Beauty PR and Influencer team hosted a virtual event to reboot our morning regimes. This experience was led by MeditatioExpert, Cheryle Britton, and the founder of Humble Co., Noel Abdayem. This event showcased the diversity of The Humble Co.’s core range of eco-friendly products and how they should be used daily to keep oral health in tip-top condition!  


We had to make sure all the media attendees were ready for the morning reboot. Therefore, we gifted each of them a breakfast hamper, with oral friendly foods, toothbrushes and interdental products. 

Expert Cheryle led us through a meditation session and stretches to prepare us for the day ahead. The stretches were focused on preventing typical aches and pains we experience while working from home. This kickstarted the event, awakened bodies, and left attendees feeling energised. 

Noel shared his expertise and led a discussion on how we can transform our daily dental routines. Additionally, he settled the debate about whether we should brush our teeth before or after breakfast. In addition to how to make sure our routines are as hygienic as possible. 

Key takeaways from this event included signs to look out for when your oral health routine isn’t working, the worst culprits for teeth staining, and telltale signs to look out for in your mouth health that can indicate you’re stressed or have stomach issues. 

A good dental routine is essential for overall health and is easy to incorporate into your daily habits. Therefore, The Humble Co. range offers eco-friendly alternatives to plastic dental products, without compromising on quality. This event showed how the core range can be used to clean all five surfaces of the teeth for optimum cleaning and gum health. 

The event was concluded with a Q&A session. As a result, the attendees enjoyed hearing Noel’s expertise on trending dental and health topics, to gather comments for future features.  


The ultimate morning reboot event with The Humble Co. was a fantastic way to begin the day. In addition, we exceeded all KPIs and built relationships between the brand and journalists from key titles including Daily Mail, The GuardianHello!, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Grazia, Yahoo!, OK! and The Sun. 

Our virtual morning reboot showed us how adjusting our morning routines can improve not only our mindset for the day but our general health too!

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