What has PR got to do with SEO?

When two become one.

Ever wondered how your competitors rank higher than yours on Google? That’s probably because they’ve realised that digital PR and SEO are the Jay Z and Beyoncé of powerful rankings. 

Back at the dawn of time, when everything we read was on bits of paper, some brand owners used to think a lot of PR deliverables were too branded and not sales-orientated enough and, let’s face it, at times that was probably true. So, when it came to marketing reckoning, PR activity was often consigned to ‘nice to have’ status. But now when all digital and content is online, PR has the potential to be weaponised – not just delivering clicks that drive sales and all that traditional branded stuff, but building a brand’s digital footprint and online visibility, as well as turbo charging a brand’s SEO. We all know that the higher you rank on Google the more you sell. PR is now in a great place to take ‘SEO’ centre stage, and more and more here at Brandnation our digital and PR teams are working hand in hand to deliver significant SEO uplift to our client brands. Here’s a snapshot of how…

How does PR help with SEO rankings:

Backlinks are gold dust when it comes to high SEO rankings. 

So wait, what are backlinks…

Backlinks are simply external links to your website. They can dramatically increase your domain authority and really help to boost your rankings. 

Content is king. Quality content paired with digital PR outreach is integral when trying to hit page one in Google rankings. Positive PR can also help you reach your audience and ultimately maximise sales – two birds, one stone. 

How to win backlinks (Basics):

We like to think of ourselves as the Tinder of successful digital PR – just with a much higher success rate! When it comes to back-linking, Content is key. 

Guest Blogging: Start by offering free content to a site (remember it needs to be relevant). Google has started noticing mass guest posting and replicated content, so be mindful when pushing this out. However, there is still a place for great content.

Just a little reminder: Don’t forget to explain the advantages of your guest content. 

Public Relations: This is where we come in. Whether it be a product launch, an event, or simply an awareness campaign, reaching out to press will provide your site with invaluable backlinks. 

Directories: Google is the Big Brother of directories, and they are much less relevant now than they were five years ago. However, they can still be relevant – for instance, Google My Business, Bing etc. Being listed is also important for virtually ‘finding’ the business. 

Agency Top Tips:

  • Always include and ask for backlinks: Let’s back it up a little. It may seem obvious, but where you’ve previously won press releases have you secured the relevant backlink? 
  • High domain coverage: It’s not as simple as it may seem. Backlinks are great, but how much authority does the site have? Does it come from a high-profile reporter or perhaps a less-than-average blogger? These are all things to consider when creating your backlink strategy. 
  • Don’t forget to add your links to PR briefings as these can be forgotten.
  • Align with marketing and PR: Earned media coverage will get you to the top. 

Mapping out your content calendar goes hand-in-hand with your PR content calendar and objectives. Keyword, content, PR, repeat – think of your target keywords and phrases, then start plotting out your content. Your keywords will help you to align your content to keep it relevant. 

Want us to show you how you can use digital PR to your advantage? Get in touch: mary.k@brandnation.co.uk!

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