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Silk’n Tightra – Own Your Confidence

Brandnation has created the Own Your Confidence campaign for client and beauty device creator Silk’n. And to front the campaign we have partnered Silk’n with celebrity Michelle Heaton.

Let’s talk vagina

The presenter, singer and mother of two is promoting the Silk’n Tightra, a revolutionary, new, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation device.
As the global leader in professional aesthetic devices for home use, Silk’n creates consumer devices combining proven science with breathtaking results at an affordable cost.

Knowing first hand that childbirth and hormonal changes from the menopause can affect confidence, Michelle is keen to share her experiences and changes in her body including loss of vaginal sensation and less urinary control. Additional symptoms suffered by women post childbirth and during the menopause can include a drooping labia, weakened vaginal walls, diminished pleasure, pain during sex and vaginal dryness all of which can impact a woman’s confidence in the bedroom and in daily life.

Women get back control

Michelle openly embraces products like Silk’n Tightra, which she describes as a “beauty device to be proud of,” one that helps give women back control of their vaginal muscles by reversing symptoms in just four weeks! She is delighted to be supporting a campaign that offers practical solutions to widespread problems that are often just brushed under the carpet and helps boost the confidence and well being of women generally.

Campaign assets

To launch the campaign, the Brandnation beauty team spent a day on location with Michelle Heaton, creating campaign imagery and video content to capture Michelle’s passion for the campaign and how it matches her own personal journey.

Imagery and videos taken from the shoot day will be used within the media to fully promote the partnership and Michelle’s story. Videos focus on the themes of Michelle’s relationship, her family, her passion for fitness (Michelle is a trained PT specialising in pre and post natal wellness) and the taboo topic of female intimate health.

The Brandnation beauty team has an outstanding track record of creating and executing successful integrated health and beauty focused brand campaigns that include PR, social media, content and creative. Check out some of our case studies here or contact us directly at

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