Smart TMS In COVID-19 Mental Health Fightback

COVID-19 has left many feeling anxious and depressed, and the impact it’s had on both the mental and physical health of all age groups and demographics is being talked about for great reason. It’s not just the scale and scope of the issue but how it will evolve, especially as lockdown begins to ease, and taking comfort from other outlets such as friends, family and exercise may no longer be enough.

The Effects Of Lockdown…

Consider COVID-19’s many impacts including the death toll of friends and relatives; social isolation; financial loss; furlough; redundancies and limited access to outside space and it’s no wonder society is plagued with a rise in mental health issues and countless individuals may have feelings of anxiety, anger, confusion, or grief. Not to mention the general confusion that has arisen as lockdown eases (or doesn’t), holiday plans disruptions occurring and the general public getting to grips with government rules that are often confusing and less than clear. However, this is where Smart TMS comes in…

Smart TMS:

Smart TMS, provides an alternative solution to treat psychiatric and medical conditions to those most affected in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Smart TMS is a non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic pulses that stimulates areas of the brain and that can relieve symptoms of depression, along with other mental health conditions. 

Mending Minds: 

To help provide a riposte to the adverse societal effects of COVID-19,  Smart TMS has created a series of free Mental Health Self-Care Packs to support people in managing their mental health. These packs have been tailored to different conditions including: depression, anxiety, OCD and addiction. To download the packs, simply click here:

Smart TMS and Brandnation

We’re delighted to be working with Smart TMS on this campaign at a time when their offering is so pertinent to so many. We will be activating a full PR and social campaign to support Mending Minds Campaign, helping break down the barriers to mental health and supporting people to better understand it. There is a major appetite to cover this topic across national, health & wellbeing titles in addition to high consumer interest across social channels, all delivering excellent downloads of the self care packs to date.

If you need help activating your health campaign then get in touch!

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