The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Sport

The struggle for racial equality continues. Sports brands are being put under pressure and increasingly scrutinised for their diversity capabilities. Most companies are now navigating their way through these deep, cultural transformations. Such as, investing within local communities and identifying internal bias.

While athletes take the knee, sports brands are using digital marketing platforms to speak up. The Black Lives Matter movement has influenced brands to embrace change. Some brands that have made changes include Nike, Adidas, and Patagonia. However, will change be more than skin deep?

The Power of Social Media:

Used to engage audiences and generate a brand presence. But, is having a presence enough? Sprout found that 70% of consumers want brands to take a stand on social and political issues. Therefore, adopting diversity and inclusion within social media strategies is essential. Consumers are now expecting brands to represent their values. We live in a multicultural society, with a focus on a willingness to include new ideas and perspectives. Brand giant Nike is one-step-ahead, amplifying the voices of communities to over 100 million followers.

It is also bringing about fresh opportunities for sports brands. Therefore, enabling them to connect with their audiences from across the globe.

Representation in marketing matters:

PR and marketing teams should be prioritising broad representation. Get it right and it will lead to better, more educated campaigns that identify with brand and consumer values. Representation is about bringing people of different backgrounds, skill sets, and ideas together.

PR in crisis. Some can be diminished in advance, whilst others are unavoidable. By adopting broad representation, not only can the problem be solved, but brand reputation is strengthened.

Women in Sport:

This girl can. This Girl Can campaign champions women and smashes gender stereotypes. Brands are now changing the way they market towards women, with more campaigns starring female sports stars.

Attract the best:

Brands that adopt diversity and inclusion as part of their company culture will typically attract talent and retention. Diversity and inclusion foster a hub of creativity, promoting new perspectives across both marketing and PR activites.

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