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Trail Running Takes Away Your Tribulations

Marathons? Aren’t they so 2010s? Real word on the street for those seeking an authentic running buzz is that great though marathons are (just think of all those charities and brilliant good causes that have benefitted from our collective strides, blisters and chaffed nipples), if you’re looking for a more holistic, mindful running experience that also sets you at one with the great outdoors, you need to hit the trails. Trail Running V Tribulations?

Frankly, pavements are no longer enough and what you really need for mind body and soul is a good hit of the green stuff. Hence a focus shift to ultras and off-road running – these are the new runners’ cryptocurrencies.


Saucony, the leading running performance brand (and a long term Brandnation client) hosts many running-themed experiential events with us and is keen to capitalise on this and any other growing running trend. Which is why  Brandnation’s sports team was briefed to organise a trail running experiential for retailers and press. The aim, introduce runners to the delights of the trails whilst also increasing sell-in across the Peregrine 10 collection, Saucony’s top models for maximising the unique trail running experience.

As lovers of the great outdoors, it was the perfect challenge. Looking for the ideal spot to show off the Saucony’s collection, our pin landed on the amazing scenery surrounding Buxton in the heart of the beautiful, rugged Peak District. What’s more, we managed to upgrade the trip to include a stay at the oldest hotel in England.

After a swift overview of the shoe tech and receipt of their bespoke training gear, it was time for our intrepid team of 20 runners to head to the peaks and put the shoes to the ultimate trail test.

Emerging victorious from the mud and snow, runners from UpandRunningAccelerate and Trail Running Magazine amongst others arrived at their trail summit delighted with the shoe’s capabilities (coping brilliantly with everything the trails and the weather could throw at them) and desperate to spread the word through the media and their stores.


When it comes to experiential media and customer events the sports team at Brandnation has second to none experience. Check out some of our other client activations here or contact us direct for more information.

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