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Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

If there has been one company that has seen massive growth during the UK lockdown and social distancing rules, it has been Zoom. Zoom, the ubiquitous international conference, video, and digital communications tool, has established itself as our go-to comms tool. Despite having been featured in headlines amid privacy concerns. The company recently announced that it has seen a growth of first-time installations by 728% since March 2nd, 2020 – wow!

Zoom’s services have become essential, with schools and universities, businesses, and individuals using it globally. Eric Yuan, CEO, announced that 90,000 schools across 20 countries were utilizing Zoom’s services. So, what bought on Zoom’s growth, despite the latest concerns?

Zoom knows how to build a brand:

Whilst many global businesses such as Coca-Cola have been freezing their marketing campaigns during the CV-19 crisis, others have seen things differently – seeing an opportunity for them to market themselves at a reduced cost due to the reduction in global ad spend and availability of ‘deals’. Zoom’s marketing strategy drives awareness for the brand and its product through the crisis.

Nick, Zoom’s former head of marketing, “we had to focus on marketing to early adopters. This allows us to leverage our greatest advantage – user experience – because once an early adopter uses a product they love, they will spread the word.”

Zoom has taken a minimalistic approach to its marketing efforts, by adopting the use of billboards and paid advertising, its aim is to get their brand in front of as many people as possible, to ensure as much brand exposure as possible.

Zoom’s Customer-centric Approach:

It’s clear from Zoom’s approach that it has built a reputation based on the back of customer satisfaction. Yuan states, “We focus across the company on the happiness of customers and building trust with them”.

It has ensured that from a user experience perspective the tool is as easy to use as possible. From effortless set-up through to tutorials, Zoom’s user experience is effortless and effective. It also ensures that its technology is cutting edge, by using the latest technology Zoom provides consumers with something that no one else has. Zoom can offer an optimum experience for its consumers as it has invested in its product.

Another core area that it focuses on is ensuring that its employees are happy, to ensure that they are motivated and happy. So, its core focuses are on the product, process, and people.

The Power of Partnerships:

Zoom has ensured complete integrations with other tools and apps, ensuring a seamless consumer experience. Therefore, consumers can use various apps on their Zoom application. By building relationships and partnerships, Zoom has managed to beat competition, by competing within different industry verticals.

Social Media:

Zoom uses social media advertisements to help drive traffic to multiple webpages to help build the sales funnel. Zoom uses multiple advertising platforms to help drive their traffic, including Facebook, Google, and YouTube. By using different imagery, text, call-to-actions, and landing pages, Zoom can fill the sales funnel at different stages, to ensure an active pipeline. Zoom’s top-performing keywords are branded or related to business.

No doubt about it Zoom has the right product at the right time – but has also demonstrated acute savviness in its market growth and marketing strategy to ensure it has maximised all the opportunities that circumstances have allowed.


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