Style It Out On YouTube

We’re now living in an ever more complex world when it comes to communication in which brands are fighting to better connect and engage with their consumers. YouTube, especially during lockdown, has become a sanctuary for creating authentic content, and just like a window into the soul, it has given consumers a visible window into the world of a brand. When it comes to YouTube, there is something for everyone, and unlike traditional broadcast media, it enables brands to embrace creativity and individuality to fashion a particular authentic brand style that can best represent the heart and soul of a brand’s DNA.

Building your community:

From content that makes you laugh, through to the necessary ‘How To’ tutorials, building a community has always been at the heart of YouTube, and the connection goes beyond video. There’s a reason why YouTube has become the birthplace of influencer sensations, and whilst this is due to the authentic content they publish, it has enabled brands to utilise their die-hard viewership.

Whether you are trying a new recipe, keeping fit with the latest workout or looking for some beauty inspiration, YouTube has become THE go-to digital guide. Over-time the authenticity of YouTube as part of an integrated marketing strategy builds brand trust, which down the line results in bottom-line results. There’s no better way to turn your loyal customers into your strongest brand advocates.

A must-watch!

Viewers have an unlimited number of videos at their fingertips, so how do you grab the attention of your consumers? The best way is to cast a fresh set of eyes on your content – be brutal with its style and messaging and ensure what you produce is authentic and engaging for your target audience. When the content is resolved you then need a strategy to  ensure your content goes up in the search rankings.


Your MVP’s are your engagement and meta data criteria, get those right and you have conquered YouTube marketing – but it may not be as easy as it sounds! Whilst your titles and descriptions play heavily in the initial rank of your search, ultimately it’s the user behaviour and how viewers interact with your content that decides your position. Here are a few tips to help you rank:

Watch Time: YouTube wants viewers to stay on the platform for as long as possible – this means that content with a higher average watch time will outrank and outperform alternative content.

Subscribers: Once a viewer subscribes to your channel, it means they never have to miss another one of your videos again! By activating a subscriber growth strategy your brand will have a greater chance to initiate viewer engagement.

SEO: Optimising your video will give your content an initial opportunity to rank. Whilst writing an accurate description is necessary, also look at creating a compelling title, appropriate topic tags, and stand-out thumbnail imagery.

Data-driven insights:

Content is becoming increasingly important when it comes to digital marketing and advertising. Gen Z in particular are increasingly more tech savvy, and simple paid media strategies are no longer driving the conversions they once were.

Working with influencers on paid campaigns to create authentic content also has its benefits, by including trackable URL links within YouTube descriptions it enables brands to accurately capture data, and allows for consumers to have a seamless shopping experience. The easy to measure insights can then be utilised to inform future campaigns accordingly, working with high-converting influencers to generate a stronger return on investment.

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